Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Drive

The Drive

At all cost,
hope the keys are lost.

Lock the doors,
and sweat from your pores.

Buckle your belt,
to avoid bruise and welt.

Tighten your grip,
as your heart starts to skip.

Try not to shout,
as she backs the car out.

You'll turn white as a sheet,
when she starts down the street.

Of something else she's thinking,
and her blinkers sure not blinking.

As your blood rushes,
the gas pedal she crushes.

Will you meet your fate?
She's on the interstate.

Your blood pressure begins to rise,
as down the highway she flies.

The exit's ahead,
slow down or we're dead.

You have a fright,
as she runs a red light.

You're finally at the store,
you just can't take it anymore.

She cruises the lot,
looking for a spot.

"There's one!" she shout's with a grin.
She punches it and whips right in.

Hit the brakes,
for pity sakes!
Grandma's at the wheel!

Saturday, July 9, 2011



You can use a small dry fly,
on a number two hook.
With good casting,
you can hit any hole in the brook.

A shiny new lure,
works great in a pond.
Of the red stripey ones,
I am rather fond.

Use a grasshopper,
when you're out on the lake.
If you're scared of a live one,
use one that's fake.

For deep sea fishing,
you use something called chum.
If you don't catch anything,
do not eat some.

A friend once claimed,
good luck with some Limburger cheese.
All I could say to that was,
"Oh for give me a please!"

But I have found,
all fish love to swaller,
a great big, fat and juicy-
night crawler!



It'll scrape old gum,
off the bottom of your shoe.
Oh, but that's not the only,
thing it will do.

It's a nice little screwdriver,
and can hammer small nails.
It's also great for digging out dirt,
under fingernails.

You can use it to pry,
off most any lid.
It's good for stirring mud-
just ask any kid.

I've used one several times,
to chip up ice,
and a banana's,
easy for it to slice.

Some people have used them,
to pick open locks,
And I always keep one,
in my tackle box.

I don't know how,
I'd live my life,
without having access-
to a butter knife!



It's a light golden brown,
and it's kind of sticky.
Keeping it off your chin,
is kinda tricky.

It's really rich and thick,
with a nice sweet flavor,
I keep some on my fingers,
for an afternoon snack to savor.

Pour it on your pancakes,
waffles or mashed potatoes,
but never, ever waste it,
on stewed tomatoes.

It's good in oatmeal,
and if you have grits you'll need it.
Pour a lot in your bowl,
so you can actually eat it!

On thing I learned is,
keep it out of your hair,
or you'll have to take a bath,
and wash everywhere.

So just as sure,
as a saddle has a stirrup,
for my breakfast,
I'm having maple syrup!