Saturday, June 30, 2012

Underweight Nate

Underweight Nate

Down by the tracks,
near a rotten log,
I found a poor,
starving puppy dog.

He was sick and scruffy,
I hoped I wasn't too late,
I took him home,
and called him Underweight Nate.

I gave Nate a bath,
and brushed out his fur,
he no longer looked,
like a mangy cur.

I wanted to feed him,
so we went to the kitchen,
I tell ya, for some food,
that boy was itchin'!

I gave him beef stew,
sausage and eggs,
crackers and cheese,
and some turkey legs.

He filled up on bacon,
and a ham bone,
I gave him pasta,
and an ice cream cone.

This went on,
for a month or so,
and now Nate's belly,
was starting to show.

I cared for the health,
of my new little pup,
so I took him to the vet,
for a check-up.

The vet said, "Change her name,
and feed her something leafy."
So it's cabbage and lettuce now...
for Beefy Fifi.

A Place To Play

A Place To Play

It was a place to play,
with trucks and cars,
buckets and boats and mason jars.

We built castles with moats,
and drawbridges,
high atop great mountain ridges.

We would dig deep ditches,
and long tunnels,
then fill with hoses and funnels.

We'd carve out a deep pit,
and fill with brew,
and dance around like witches do.

With some firecrackers,
we could explode,
toy soldiers like a landmine load.

We were not very rich,
but rather poor,
and this can't be bought in a store.

Now as I'm thinking back,
I'm happy still,
cause I grew up... with a dirt hill.