Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brush, Floss, Swish

Brush, Floss, Swish

Betty Rush,
will not brush.

Johnny Ross,
will not floss.

Timmy Nish,
will not swish.

They all got,
some tooth rot,
and won't smile,
for a while.

Now this is sad,
but it's the truth.
The dentist pulled...
every tooth.



There's some string in here,
some twist ties and dead batteries,
Scotch tape, rubber bands,
and a bunch of mystery keys.

Here's an old butter knife,
a nail and eight screws,
and look, here's a pamphlet,
for an Alaskan cruise!

There's some pliers in here,
with a needle nose,
a red bush pruner,
and a washer for the hose.

Here's a green pencil,
with it's eraser gone,
a jar with six marbles,
and a black chess pawn.

Right here's a book of matches,
and a rumpled road map,
two thumbtacks, a yellow kazoo,
and a new mouse trap.

There's a candle in here,
to see in the dark,
some leather shoelaces,
and a torn bookmark.

You and I could sit here longer,
and name even more,
but you probably have the same stuff,
in your junk drawer!