Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Big Dance

The Big Dance

There's a big dance,
being held in town tonight.
I'm going to it,
and want everything right.

A very special lady,
I just might meet.
I need to look sharp,
and be light on my feet.

I pressed my best shirt,
and got the wrinkles out.
I slicked my dark hair back,
with oil of trout.

I matched my argyle socks,
and shined each shoe.
They glimmered as bright
as early morning dew.

I rolled the fuzzy lint,
off my blue blazer.
I shaved my face,
with my electric razor.

I put a Windsor knot,
in my bright red tie.
I dabbed on cologne,
what a sharp lookin' guy.

I showed up on time,
in very high style.
I walked inside,
people started to smile.

Actually they laughed.
I showed up at the dance,
I thought I was set…
but I forgot my pants!