Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Happy Hippy

The Happy Hippy

This is the ballad
of  the happy hippy,
who now leads a life
that's not so trippy.

He's traded in his
hemp shoes and socks,
for his weekend pair
of Birkenstocks.

His V.W. bus
is long put away.
He drives a "green" Subaru now,
day after day.

And that really bright
spotted tie dye?
He's traded that in
for suit and tie.

As for the round wire
John Lennon glasses.
He's got contacts now
and joined the masses.

His hair was once
a long pony tail,
but it's trimmed monthly now
without fail.

He never left home
without his colorful beads,
now it's his PDA
and cell phone that he needs.

All the Beatles music
he does still applaud,
but no longer vinyl
it's on his ipod.

It's ballroom now
not the disco dance,
and Tommy slacks
not bell-bottom pants.

And the handkerchief headband
is long long gone.
It's a visor now
when he gets his golf game on.

Yes, times have certainly changed
and with that he's fine.
He still says "goodbye"
and flashes the peace sign.