Sunday, July 1, 2012

Write It Right, Again

Write It Right, Again

It hurts to get taller,
so you groan cause you've grown.
After the queen pitches her chair,
she's thrown the throne.

If you drown in food coloring,
you die in dye.
When you wave from a ladder,
you say "hi" from high.

A boy lion's primary hair,
is his main mane.
An arrogant artery,
is a vein that's vain.

When a vaulter votes,
he takes his pole to the poll.
A baby horse that's done eating,
is a full foal.

Chopping your after dinner treats?
You mince your mints.
Evidence of the king's son?
The prints of the prince.

If you've canoed the highway,
you've rowed on the road.
If you dragged a reptile,
then you towed a toad.

If you carry a corridor,
you haul a hall.
Shopping with your wedge?
You take your maul to the mall.

Buy a fresh wildebeest,
you'll have a gnu that's new.
A plane ride when you were sick?
You flew with the flu.

Poking your teacher politely,
you tacked with tact.
If you toted the agreement,
you packed the pact.

You're tired on a hilltop,
so nap on the knap.
Because of that,
I'll just quickly- wrap up this rap.