Friday, February 17, 2012

My Face

My Face

My dad said to I,
"Son, keep your eyes peeled,
and your chin up high."

Mom said, when I was young,
"Son, open your ears,
and kindly bite your tongue."

My school teacher always said,
"Keep your nose to the grindstone."
and, "Do you have rocks in your head?"

The pastor preached every week,
"Grit your teeth, my boy,
and always turn the other cheek."

With all these folks on my case,
I just want to know...
how I can ever save face.

Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed

Cross your fingers,
if you want good luck,
and hope you don't,
get hit by a truck.

Cross your heart,
when you make a vow,
you'll keep your word,
from then 'til now.

Cross your eyes,
and you will see double,
to walk straight,
you will have some trouble.

Cross your legs,
when you really gotta go,
and wave your hand,
so your teacher will know!



Not a day goes by,
I don't smack spider or fly.
Every mosquito and gnat,
is sure to go splat.
No bee stands a chance,
nor do the ants.
I use a rag or cloth,
to rub out a moth.
I flatten each centipede,
and all earwigs indeed.
It's all part of my scheme,
as a member of... the SWAT team!



I'm deep in a jar,
but even worse by far,
I'm in a bitter brine.

And it's true indeed,
I'm squished against a seed,
in a light greenish slime.

I have a small hunch,
I could be going crunch,
and I'm not being fickle.

'Cause here comes a kid,
who's taking off the lid...
I'm really in a pickle!  



Too tall Paul,
always banged his head,
until he ate,
a lot of short bread.

Skinny Minnie,
looked like a garden rake,
until she ate,
a whole bunch of pound cake.

Lovely Linda,
was always in a pleasant mood.
That was because,
she did always eat angel food.

Rotten Ronny,
was always so mean and rude.
That was because,
he always ate devil's food.

Auntie Louise,
likes her tea cake with coffee.
But Uncle Jack,
likes coffee cake with his tea.

For each person,
there are different cakes.
When you find yours...
eat it for goodness sakes!



I wiggle and squirm,
like a slippery worm.

I writhe and twist,
like a boy gettin' kissed.

I bend and stretch,
like an acrobat catch.

I reach and wrench,
like avoiding a stench.

Give me a fork or spoon,
I'm dancing like a loon!

Hand me a comb or brush,
and do it in a rush!

Toss me a branch or stick,
and hurry make it quick!

Oh, I'll try to make you rich,
if you'd please- just scratch this itch!



If wishes were horses,
beggars would ride.

If wishes were blue kites,
children would glide.

If wishes were play grounds,
children would slide.

If wishes were seek games,
children would hide.

If wishes were oceans,
they'd splash the tide.

If wishes were sunshine,
they'd be outside.

But wishes aren't horses,
playgrounds or blue kites,
nor oceans or sunshine,
or seek games at night.

Wishes are inside you,
where no one else can see,
and wishes will make you,
whatever you want to be.

So wish with your whole heart,
and wish with your whole mind,
believe in your wishes,
they'll come true you will find.