Saturday, June 30, 2012

Underweight Nate

Underweight Nate

Down by the tracks,
near a rotten log,
I found a poor,
starving puppy dog.

He was sick and scruffy,
I hoped I wasn't too late,
I took him home,
and called him Underweight Nate.

I gave Nate a bath,
and brushed out his fur,
he no longer looked,
like a mangy cur.

I wanted to feed him,
so we went to the kitchen,
I tell ya, for some food,
that boy was itchin'!

I gave him beef stew,
sausage and eggs,
crackers and cheese,
and some turkey legs.

He filled up on bacon,
and a ham bone,
I gave him pasta,
and an ice cream cone.

This went on,
for a month or so,
and now Nate's belly,
was starting to show.

I cared for the health,
of my new little pup,
so I took him to the vet,
for a check-up.

The vet said, "Change her name,
and feed her something leafy."
So it's cabbage and lettuce now...
for Beefy Fifi.

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