Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alice's Palaces

Alice's Palaces

There once was a princess named Alice.
She lived all alone
in her own big palace.

Alice was rich and had a lot.
But was Alice happy?
She was not.

She thought her life a bore
and that happiness meant
having more and more. 

"One palace is not enough!"
said princess Alice
in a greedy huff.

"I need more than just one castle"
complained Alice,
like it was all a great big hassle.

She pulled the rope and made the bell ring.
In came the page
she said, "Fetch me the king."

He came at a very slow speed
and sighed,
"Oh Alice, now what do you need?"

She said, "Listen, dad,
having only one palace
makes me very, very mad."

"I need at least three,
so when are you gonna
build them for me?"

"Dear Alice," said the king,
"will you settle for
a new diamond ring?"

"I won't, and here's why!
I've got more diamonds,
than the jewlery guy!"

"Ok Alice." said the king so bold.
"How about a shiny
brick of gold?"

"No more gold! No! No! No!
I've got more gold
than winters got snow!"

"Alice, I aim to please of course.
How would you like
a pretty new horse?"

"Why a horse you phony!?
I've already got ten-
and a miniature pony!"

"Settle down my little dear.
How about a world tour
that will last a year?"

"Tour shmour, I've seen the planet.
I've made my wish,
now grant it!"

Alice screamed and stomped her feet.
She held her breath
and turned red as a beet.

She bawled and rolled around on the floor.
The king decided
not to take it anymore.

The king had had his fill.
His face got serious
and Alice got still.

On the desk, his fist he pounded.
"That's it Alice,
you are grounded!"

"Oh can't I have another castle please?"
Alice asked now as pleasant
as a spring breeze.

"Not only, no you can't,"
ordered the king.
"No you shan't!"

"Can I at least have a new additon?"
"Ha ha, Alice.
Just keep on wishin'!"

So like Alice, be not.
Just be happy,
with what you've got.

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