Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dirty Gertie

Dirty Gertie

This is the story,
of a girl named Gertie,
and let me tell you,
that girl was dirty!

Her shoes were so full of dirt,
her feet barely fit.
Her pants were so stiff,
she couldn't bend to sit.

She would just stand there,
or lie right down.
She wouldn't bathe,
'cause she thought she'd drown. 

Her shirt was so filthy,
you couldn't tell what color it was,
and her hair was really tangled,
and full of moldy fuzz.

Not only was she dirty,
Gert really stunk,
she was often mistaken,
for a waterlogged skunk.

She would never wash up,
for lunch or dinner.
If she scrubbed her dirt off,
she'd be much thinner.

On the back of her neck,
there grew a flower.
It had been there months,
remember, Gert didn't shower.

It goes without saying,
that to her mother this was a pain.
But her mother solved the problem...
she left Gert out in the rain!

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