Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Story

First Story

One hundred and forty four chicken gizzards. That's gross!
Definitely don't inhale and don't stand too close.

Did you forget your lines at a wedding speech? You're toast!
Just hope you can talk your way out of it with the host.

Did you swallow a magazine down whole? Just digest!
Then don't eat for a while, give your stomach a rest.

I'm so sorry you're ill down a long deep shaft. Get well!
You just might not be sick if down there- you hadn't fell.

You've got some fish on the bottom of your shoe. That's sole!
Where'd you pick it up, down at your secret fishin' hole?

Did you find dirt in your campfire coffee? It's ground!
Now just cowboy on up, drink it, and don't make a sound.

I learned to read on the school's ground floor. First story!
Helping others love reading? That's a crowning glory.

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